One Artisan, Three Crafts


The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul, and in that regard, I am no different. But even so, the best thing about this is that everyone's art is different and can take a variety of forms so that we may each express the intrinsically unique nature of each of our hearts. Here are three of the ways that I express myself and how I unlock the workings of my soul!


At the end of high school I discovered Cosplay, an art form that would end up fueling my creativity, self-growth, and self-confidence. In many ways, cosplay allowed me to find the gems within my soul that make me unique. And so, I hope you take a peak into the fruits of my labors at the sewing machine and make up stand!


As I began to venture out into the world beyond the confines of a school or campus, I found myself in awe of the wondrous beauty the world has to offer us. And I wanted to capture it! Even if for a moment, which led me down the road of photography. And so, I hope you'll join me on some of these adventures via my gallery!

Literature white glow purple

Writing was my first love when it comes to artistic mediums. I got into it during a turbulent time in my life and used it as a way to channel my thoughts and emotions on life into an understanding of morality and true compassion. And some of it was just plain fun! I hope you find something you enjoy. 🙂


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