Character Overview:


The head of the cursed Sohma household, Akito reigns over the Sohma’s with an iron fist, stopping at nothing to remind the cursed zodiac members of their place. When Tohru Honda discovers the secret of the Sohma’s, Akito allows Tohru to keep her memories of the Sohmas and even stay with them. However, Akito’s purposes for this, none of the zodiac members know.




Character: Akito Sohma 草摩 慊人

Series: “Fruits Basket” (Furuba/Fruba) / フルーツバスケット (フルバ)

Creator: Natsuki Takaya (高屋 奈月)

Version: Manga Vol. 15 Cover

Difficulty Level15

Cosplayer: SkywingKnights

Photographer: Nick

Completed: June 2009

Debut Date: July 18th 2009


"I hate this world...where 'promise', 'bond', and 'eternity' don't exist. There is no guarantee that I'll be...loved."




Akito was the first full cosplay I ever handmade. Since this was the case, I wanted to start with something easy because I hadn’t sewn in forever. I had taken Home Economics in the past and my mom had taught me how to sew at home, but ultimately I still felt really weak at it on a talent level at the time. Honestly, I don’t remember much about the process. I wish I did and had taken more notes back then. But I do remember cutting out the fabric and patterns with a lot of precision. Like, A LOT of precision. I was so careful and did things as exact as I could. I still do that now, but maybe I’m not as anal. I’ve learned since that if you give yourself some extra fabric when cutting out your pieces. It’s alright – you can fix it along the way. In any case, I was very careful in making this. Better yet, it’s a cosplay I still drag out on occasion. I’m proud of how it turned out, especially for more first time hand sewing everything! ^_^


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"It would be nice to live in a kind world. Without fear, without any troubles, without hurting anybody, without ever being hurt. Only doing the right thing. I wish I could reach this world by the shortest path possible."


Personal Thoughts:


Akito is a very intriguing character to me. For instance, Akito’s not necessarily a good person, but not necessarily bad either. Really, Akito is just a person living in this world – which is really remarkable considering Akito’s role is like that of a god within the Sohma family. I have a lot of respect to Natsuki Takaya for creating such a character as this. One so close to crumbling due to years of what was verbal (and maybe even in a sense physical) abuse, the whole time also dealing with the role they were born into this world to play – particularly in their family, a family also very broken, perhaps to the point where ‘family’ was only really a ‘technical’ term. It’s a heartbreaking and tragic situation.

The way Akito is written, the way Akito lashes out and clings to things being a certain way, as though without them, the world will shatter. I think that’s certainly very relatable when you’re going through a situation like this within your life, or rather, a situation in which you feel unloved. Change becomes scary, doing something to improve your situation becomes scary, because the question in the back of your mind is: “What if instead of getting better, it gets worse?” So sometimes you delude yourself into thinking that things are best the way they are. At least, that’s my own personal experience with it.

I like cosplaying Akito very much for this reason. I think Akito’s transformation throughout the series is a true sign of Natsuki’s ultimate message of Fruits Basket: It’s scary to lose people, but love has a mysterious way of healing all wounds and, indeed, it can be found again.


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