Character Overview:


The third of the Shiganshina Trio, what Armin lacks in strength, he makes up for with his mind. Astoundingly brilliant, Armin has been a key player in calculating plans for Eren, Levi, and the rest of the Survey Corps in order to defeat the Titans. Though as a result what Armin fears most is becoming a burden, what he doesn’t realize that if it wasn’t for him, humanity might not even still be standing.




Character: Armin Arlert

Series: “Attack on Titan” / 進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Creator: Hajime Isayama

Version: Anime Survey Corps Uniform

Difficulty Level25

Cosplayer: SkywingKnights

Photographer: Tsukasa325

Completed: 2015

Debut Date: September 27th, 2015


"It's easy to make a decision if you already know what the outcome will be."




Armin’s outfit was a modification of Erwin Smith’s, with the primary change being in his make up and wig. His hair was thankfully, pretty basic – a basic bowl cut. Because of that, I essentially had a very easy wig to work on. (As I was so done after Sebastian’s wig, I was happy to have something easy to work on at the time.) In contrast to Erwin, I went for a more ‘shota’ or youngish boy look I suppose. Ultimately, the whole process was fun and much easier Erwin that’s for sure, haha.


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"People who have the ability to change this world all, without exception, have the guts to abandon what is precious to them."


Personal Thoughts:


For so many reasons, I really adore Armin. As a result, he’s one of my favorites from the series. Moreover, I admire his determination to do the harder things in life, even if he may not always be physically well suited for the part. (Which honestly though, even if he’s just average for a Survey Corps member, that’s still plenty strong “IRL” right? That is to say, this kid is literally comparing himself to the likes of those such as Mikasa, so not fair…). Above all, I think Armin has a good heart. As can be seen through out the show, he wants to be there for his friends and is willing to sacrifice his own safety for their’s. In short, that’s a rare quality to have and a special one to possess.


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