Character Overview:


An unruly bishop at the 7th District’s church, Frau might just be Teito Klein’s least favorite person to have encountered since his escape from the Barsburg Military Academy and Prison. Though Frau undoubtedly exhibits questionable behavior for a “Bishop”, there’s something about the way he gets rid of Kor, evil entities out to do the bidding of Verloren, a fallen servant of the Chief of Heaven, that points to the fact that Frau may know a lot more about Verloren’s replacements, the Seven Ghosts who are set to protect mankind’s souls, than your average member of the clergy.




Character: Bishop Frau

Series: “07 Ghost” / セブンゴースト

Creators: Yuki Amemiya (雨宮 由樹) and Yukino Ichihara (市原 ゆき乃)

Version: Bishop Robes

Difficulty Level60

Cosplayer: SkywingKnights

Photographer: HeadphoneStudios, WingedLight

Completed: July 2010

Debut Date: July 31st 2010


"There is no such thing as the truth. There are as many truths as there are witnesses. If you don’t believe the history books, then go out there and see the world with your own two eyes."




Bishop Frau’s robes were the first time where I really started to explore the concept of “not following” a pattern, lol. His pants and shirt used a pattern, but I also added the details on my own for his shirt. As for the white robes… oh my gosh such a hassle. I can’t tell you all how many hours I must have spent pouring over how those robes functioned. I added to cloak patterns and made the whole collar from scratch, along with the white pieces that criss-cross over the robes (oh my gosh so much interfacing and snaps!).

Of course the biggest part of the whole thing was the scythe, which admittedly, I didn’t make alone. It was actually a summer bonding experience for me and my step-dad. We worked together to get it cut and glued, connected, and painted just perfectly. It’s a special memory for me. My favorite part about it was the fact that we made it so it could transport in pieces (such a life saver). It’s still one of the props I’m most proud of, since it was so early in my “cosplay career” so to speak and everything I learned and have learned since that time will be a base for some of my other upcoming cosplay scythes. 🙂


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"I told you. I’m a ghost."


Personal Thoughts:


So Frau might be, like my favorite character. Ever. At least in the anime/manga realm. He gets slightly beaten out by Nightwing, but only slightly. This was the first outfit I ever made for him and though it was hard, I honestly still look back on this outfit fondly. It’s one I can still wear and it still looks and functions near perfect to how it does in the series. Not only is it iconic for the series, but after having so much fun in it, I swore that I’d make all of his outfits one day. Ha… now if I could stop getting distracted from that goal. ^^; Still, love Bishop Frau and I’ll always be fond of this outfit. ^_^


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