Character Overview:


Originally from a hunting group in the village of Dauper, Sasha gained the nickname “Potato Girl” due to her tendency to hoard food landed her eating a hot potato during the 104 Training Cops’ first day of drills. She retains an excellent 6th sense of sorts and highly accurate instincts when it comes to both hunting and scouting in the field. Upon joining the Survey Corps, Sasha proved to be a valuable asset to the group with a solid desire to help the weak as well as prove her worth amongst her comrades.




Character: Sasha Blouse

Series: “Attack on Titan” / 進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Creator: Hajime Isayama

Version: Anime Survey Corps Uniform

Difficulty Level25

Cosplayer: SkywingKnights

Photographer: Tsukasa325

Completed: 2015

Debut Date: September 27th, 2015


"Why do I remember, now of all times, about silly, pointless days of the past? It's all... I can think of..."




Goodness, I love uniforms – when I can reuse them, haha. Sasha was pretty much a switch of Mikasa’s hairstyle and make up (also, no scarf thankfully). For Sasha, I got a new wig and styled it to allow for a ponytail and then I changed her make up from something more striking to a softer look. In this way, Sasha was much easier than Mikasa. And of course, whenever I cosplay her, I grab a potato. Or bread…. just something because if I don’t, I always get asked ‘Where’s your potato?!’ and it feels like the costume isn’t complete, lol. But yeah, that’s about it!


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"Hey, listen up. You'll be fine. Keep following this path. Run as far as you can. I promise someone will be there to help you. You might not find them right away. But still, keep running until you do! Now go! Run! Get Runnin'!"


Personal Thoughts:


Though Sasha provides quite a bit of comic relief, something that I love about her (along with Connie and a few others) is that even though they can provide good laughs on occasion, they are all well developed and have strong backstories. Sasha’s in particular I enjoy because her behavior seems very contradictory upon first glance, though upon closer inspection, it’s not contradictory at all. She’s sets herself apart from others due to her family’s background and doesn’t tend to easily trust people, but when she’s around others, she’s very formal and polite, as though ashamed of where she comes from and worried about what others will think of her. Why would she want others to think well of her if she doesn’t trust them? Why would it matter? It doesn’t seem to add up, until you realize that Sasha wants to be able to rely on people and wants to be relied on by others. In other words, she wants to believe in humanity, even if she is slow to admit it sometimes. Add that to the fact that she’s got killer instincts and is freakin’ amazing with a bow and arrow, and Sasha quickly became one of my favorite characters in the “Attack on Titan” universe.


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