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On average, there are about 24 frames of film per second. That's 24 photo stills, totaling 24,000 words, because as we all know one picture is worth 1,000 words. To me, Photography is about capturing a moment as you see it and being able to hold onto that memory and show it to others. Check out my photography works below to see some of my favorite memories!




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All photography by SkywingKnights. See more on SkywingKnights DeviantArt Here.

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My Thoughts on Photography


Out of all of the art forms I take part in, I’m the newest in the realm of photography. There’s still so much I need to learn, I feel. However, there’s something oddly calming about photography to me. It allows me to really take in what’s around me. It forces me to slow down and just look at things in the present. As a result, my only hope when it comes to photography is that, when I see something beautiful in the world and capture it with my camera, that I make sure that it’s representative of the beauty that I saw. So in a small way, we may all be able to appreciate more fully the lovely and wonderful world we all live in. 🙂

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