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Today for the month of November’s Featured Artist Spotlight, I’m really excited to highlight this very unique artist – Denise Storck, founder of “The Project Bin”, a clear rubber stamp supply company, and active paper crafter. Denise began crafting with papers 22 years ago, diving into the craft by making scrapbook pages of her family and their memories as well as making cards for her loved ones.

Denise’s love for crafting though started long before her discovery of paper crafting though. She writes, “Ever since I was a young child, I enjoyed making gifts for the people I cared about. I can remember making potholders at summer camp, pomanders out of oranges, neck ties for my father… you get the idea!”

That creative crafting nature found a natural nitch in paper crafting. Using various papers of differing patterns, textures, cuts, and layers, Denise has made thousands of beautiful hand made cards and scrapbook pages to adorn the shelves of all who receive them. Intricately made and hand crafted using numerous rubber stamps to create some incredibly unique designs – most people who receive them can hardly believe they were handmade so precisely and delicately. That’s just how good they are! Of her cards, she’s made pop up cards, cards with glitter windows, 3 dimensional cards, etc. Some of these cards she has sold in select locations, while her family has been the benefactor of the majority of her scrapbook pages.

Speaking of her journey, Denise stated, “Friends introduced me to rubber stamping over 20 years ago, and I immediately fell in love with it. Since then, I have sold rubber stamps and supplies, taught rubber stamping, self-taught myself digital scrapbooking, and have been a member of various design teams. I’ve now embarked upon a whole new endeavor – designing and producing my own line of rubber stamps.”

Over the last two decades, Denise has indeed dived into all forms of paper crafting to create her art pieces. She even went digital with her scrapbooking and diving into the world of the Adobe Creative Suite for more methods and opportunities to create new styles and finished paper crafting projects. That’s how she got the idea to create “The Project Bin”, a supplier of clear rubber stamp sets and die cuts. On how it came about, Denise said, “A few years ago, I couldn’t find a stamp that said “You are awesome sauce.” After hours and hours of searching, I got the idea to make it myself, which then morphed into “might as well make a lot of them… ” and this little company happened! I’m so pleased to be able to fill a niche in the stamping world with unique sentiments and supporting artwork.”

Check out some of Denise’s fabulous work below!!


The Project Bin


“Kinda Pawsome” Set


“Creepy Halloween” Set


“Wise Women” Set


“Maybe Christmas” Set


3D Paper Crafting


Digital Scrapbook Page


Find Denise and The Project Bin at:


The Project Bin Homepage
Archived Blog


“I’m so excited to share this with you, and hope you will enjoy creating with these unique stamps!” Denise writes to all who visit her website.

Having made thousands of cards, scrapbook pages, and now over 40 stamp sets, perhaps the most incredible thing about Denise is that she does so because she enjoys doing things for other people to make them smile and she does it despite all of the challenges her own life presents. She is the mother of 3, one of whom is a full grown adult with Autism and Tourettes. Also, she brings in half of the income in the home – working long hours to make sure her family is well provided for. On top of that, she does her crafting. (How she manages all of that and finds the time, I don’t know!)

So what can we learn from Denise? When we put our focus on doing what we need to for those we love, our arts benefit in the long run. They become less forced and more freely given and expressed. And all because our love for others gives us the liberty to create freely. It’s like an elixir that just keeps on giving. Both to others, and counter what logic might say, to us as well! Perhaps Denise puts it best, “Crafting is… making life-long friendships, expressing love, developing individual creativity, and most of all… fun!!”

In conclusion, be sure to check out Denise’s work and I look forward to seeing you all next month!

Much love,