So a bit last minute, but I’ll be going to Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo – 2018 (C2E2) tomorrow! Still not even sure what cosplay I’ll be wearing – likely something from “Attack on Titan” or “Black Butler” though and I know I’ll be with a fem-Doctor Who (#11).

See you all there and safe travels!


Update! Had a wonderful time everyone! I ended up going as Sasha Blouse. Stopped by the Webtoons booth and got to see all of the amazing artists there. Just as exciting, I got to meet many talented actors! I finally got to meet Travis Willingham – who I had been trying to meet for 10+ years now! Such fun!

Additionally, at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, I got to meet the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, Tom Kenny! Mr. Kenny was so incredibly nice and was kind enough to record a special video for my brother Spencer, who has autism. Spencer watches an episode of Spongebob every night, so Mr. Kenny recreated one of the many lines from that very episode. So so kind!

And then, a surprise for me, I got to meet Khary Payton, the voice of Cyborg in “Teen Titans” and “Teen Titans Go!” This meeting by far was the most meaningful for me. The Titans, in a way, were like my friends growing up. When I felt like no one else understood me, I felt like at the very least, I could relate to these characters. They helped me get through some of the most difficult times in my life and I was so blessed to be able to thank Khary for his involvement and for giving Cyborg a voice.

In conclusion, an awesome experience, which I highly recommend!