Hello everyone!

Short and sweet, but I was happy to be able to attend Fairfax Comic Con this past weekend! Been a couple months, but I got to cosplay again and debut my Mary Jane Watson cosplay from the Spider-Man series!

Me with my lovely roomie. ^_^
Me with my lovely roomie. ^_^

Even better, I got to meet the awesome Greg Cipes who voices Beast Boy in “Teen Titans” and “Teen Titans Go!”! Back in April, I got to meet Khary Payton, the voice behind Cyborg on the shows, and essentially that kicked off my goal to meet all of the wonderful actors and actresses behind the characters who started it all for me. Greg is the second one I’ve gotten to meet now and it was amazing to chat with him and express my gratitude for his work on the shows, particularly “Teen Titans”, which drove me to dive into Comics, Anime, Writing, Cosplay, and so much of what I love to do today.

MJ meeting Greg Cipes and Wingman at Fairfax Comic Con!
Did I mention he brought his dog, Wingman?! Well, he did and I got to meet him too! Such a sweet boy!

Till the next Fairfax Comic Con Event then guys and to quote Greg’s catchphrase, “Peace, love, and Animals”,


PS. Also, super proud of my roomie for meeting Johnny Young Bosch, who voiced (amoung many roles) Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. And then she got an autograph. I’m so so proud of her, guys. So proud!! 😀 😀 😀

Johnny Young Bosch's Signature from Fairfax Comic Con