By: Skywing Knights

Hello everyone!

Very excited to bring you all a new set of photos from one of my latest photoshoots! Right before the COVID lockdown happened, I was able to do this shoot with one of my longtime friends Tim Goodell or ogfrogturtler (on IG). We met in college and for years, he had tried to get me ‘in front of the camera’ for film projects. Finally, 10 years after we first met, he finally did get me ‘in front of a camera’, albeit in cosplay. 😉 To do this, we landed on doing a shoot as Anna and Kristoff from Disney’s “Frozen”. And of course, it had to be an Anna X Kristoff shoot! So I braided my hair (yes, it’s my real hair) and he threw on a wig, and we trekked up to the mountains of Arendelle!

Let’s go bring back summer!

And drum roll please…. here are a few of my favorites from the results!


“Anna X Kristoff: My True North”



Be sure to check out my page on Anna’s costume to see the full gallery of this shoot!


We were able to work with the wonderful Sam of Depth of Light Photography on Facebook to get these photos shot and finished. She is a seriously talented photographer and I can’t recommend her enough! Thanks also goes to my friend, Shelby, who acted as assistance through out the shoot (her cape flipping skills were on point!). And of course, thanks to our Olaf, who was such a trooper during this Anna X Kristoff shoot. 😉

The whole experience was a lot of fun. It got really cold near the end, but it was worth it and I was glad that Anna’s mittens actually worked! (Guess that meant though that it was time to stop taking photos and time to start trying to find Elsa so she could bring back summer!)

End of the shoot! Cold, but happy day!

Anna is a seriously fun outfit for me to wear. I love wearing her to Ren Faires and the like especially and being able to surprise little kids, who run up to me recognizing me as a character from one of their favorite movies. When that happens or when I share photos like this, my one hope is that it brings a little magic to life for those who see me portray her. So, hopefully, that’s what these photos do for you. 🙂

Finally back home.

My hope is that one day, COVID will cease to be a problem for the world and we can all get back to doing what we love to do. For me, it’s cosplay and hanging out with my friends (who are so completely patient with me). Maybe next time that happens, ogfrogturtler and I can do another shoot (this time, I’m crossing my fingers for something in the realm of DC Comics). 😉

Happy after a long day of shooting! ^_^

Till then though, stay safe, and remember you can always connect with your friends and family online. They’re there for you and we’ll all make it through this… together!

Till next time,


PS. What do you all think? Should we try for a “Frozen II” shoot too? Let us know in the comments below! 😀