Hey dears!

Well, it sure has been a while since I’ve written a make up review for you all – let’s change that by talking about one of the staples in my make up bag – “Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover”! And yes, I’ll consider this as a valid item for a make up review entry. Good make up requires a good remover if you want your skin to look good after use, after all, and this thing is the BOMB!!

Makeup RemoverI’ve literally been using this product for over 10 years and for good reason. Let’s go over the pros!

  • Very light with no oil. This is particularly good for those with oily skin where more oil will just run into your pores.
  • Has NEVER irritated my skin in any way.
  • Has NEVER once caused me to break out or get black heads – truly does wipe my face clean!
  • A little goes a long way – I often start small by dropping a bit of it onto a tissue before letting it re-soak into several layers of the tissue – I then gently use the tissue to wipe away my make up.
  • Doesn’t require harsh scrubbing to remove everyday make up – always good for your face if you can avoid having to ‘scrub’!
  • Often removes most everything in one wipe.
  • Doesn’t sting when it gets in your eyes. It make feel like something is ‘there’, but it doesn’t sting (at least for me). This is particularly useful for me because my eyes are where I tend to use the most make up!
  • Can tackle both light and heavy make up. I keep this in both my everyday make up bag and my cosplay make up bag. There’s no way I’d go without it!
  • Can be used on more than just eye make up! I often use it for my full face if I need to take off heavy make up that needs an extra bit of help in addition to my normal face cleanser. And this works like a charm!

So all of that said, any cons?

  • For use, only one – for super thick, heavy make up, it does take a tad bit of rubbing to fully remove the make up, and when that happens, it tends to leave a bit of a film on your skin. To remove this, I pair it with Purity Made Simple Cleanser from Philosophy, which I use to cleanse the residue from my face after I’m done ridding my face of make up (plus, it gets rid of anything extra that the Makeup Remover might have missed – allowing you to save a bit of the remover and not have to worry about getting every corner of your face).
  • One other thing. The Mary Kay ordering system is frustrating to go through and is finicky when it comes to accepting credit cards and addresses. (At least in my experience.) Best to go through a good, prompt consultant who can help you out if you can.

Overall though – this stuff is a MUST have. Want to see it in action? Below you can see a ‘before’ shot where I used a layer of my Cover FX Foundation (written about and reviewed in a previous make up review here) along with a thin application of foundation powder to set it on the back of my hand.

Next we have this after shot, where I got a tissue and dabbed it with the remover and literally in one wipe, that’s what you get! (By the way, normally, my skin matches the tone of the Cover FX perfectly but… I guess I got a little tan this summer? Not much of one I know, but a little bit of one… dang it, that just feels sad, haha…. OTL In this case though, you can really see the difference. Here you can see what was left behind and what was taken off with the remover because of it!)

Could have been Mulan’s magical makeup remover on that sleeve of hers though!

But seriously, this is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it to everyone I meet who complains about their current make up remover. This stuff. Is. GOLD. I legit will buy it in bulk at times with 4 bottles per order. (This also eliminates the number of times I need to go through the ordering system. Ah useful tips! 😉 ). So what are you waiting for? Go on and get your own, which you can purchase through the Mary Kay website below!


Mary Kay – Buy Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Online

(By the way, I’m sure you can find it elsewhere online. But I still prefer to get it through Mary Kay even if it can be frustrating. I’d rather get it straight from the source. Otherwise, I risk price gouging or knock offs that may irritate my skin!)


Anyway, I hope this helps you in your quests for finding the right Makeup Remover for your make up arsenal. Whether it be for theater, cosplay, or just your everyday routine, this one’s a keeper!

Till next time,