Hey guys!

Soooo it’s Sunday! And I’m kinda dead exhausted. Very brief post today. But I went to see MIYAVI live in concert this past week for his “No Sleep Till Tokyo” tour. Lots of fun! My eardrums still said otherwise the day after. (Might have been really close to a speaker and damaged my ears a bit). But I enjoyed myself. (Also, for those wondering, I last spoke of Miyavi’s work when I reviewed of the live action “Bleach”, in which he played Byakuya Kuchiki. So yeah, he’s pretty spectacular ;D ).

I always find that with every artist I have a different experience watching them live in different settings, which is why I think it’s always great to go to many of them. MIYAVI was different from TM Revolution, Matsushita Yuya, X4, SHINee, etc and they’re all different from one another as well. This time I got to experience music from someone heavy on guitar with a deep love of how music can both be fun and also bring people together.

Being someone who travels a lot to different places in the world, it was also really meaningful to me to hear MIYAVI, who was born in Japan (a country you all know I deeply respect) but now lives in the US speak so highly of my home country – talking about how our diversity and willingness to bring people and ideas together is really amazing and really unique.

Perhaps it’s because I’m so close to our capital, but often times, all I hear from others are complaints about how the US isn’t this or that or one thing or another – it’s like all I hear are disparaging remarks. And it’s true, we’re not a utopia (no place is after all).

But being a descendant of war veterans who always wished to instill in me a respect for our founding principles which they fought for because they knew they were important, it just meant a lot that someone, especially someone not born here, could recognize how important they truly are and how they do create a very unique and free nation that allows for the cultivation of ideas and community for all – and just how awesome that is.

And it didn’t hurt that that someone was using his talents to have fun on a stage and spread that fun and passion for life and joy to everyone else around him in the room. Just saying. He was fantastic.

In essence, I guess my take away from the experience that I want to share with all of you today is one of gratitude for all of the life experiences we can have, for the world we live in today (and how far it’s come), and also for the charity in the hearts of so many normal people who desire to always strive to make it better. So yeah, grab those experiences when they roll your way. Don’t just sit on the couch – get out there and experience life. Live. Learn. And love.


No Sleep Till Tokyo


To learn more about Miyavi, visit his website http://myv382tokyo.com/ where you can all buy his album “No Sleep Till Tokyo” on either Amazon or iTunes.

You can also follow him on Instagram at the following accounts: MIYAVI_STAFF and Miyavi Lee Ishihara.

To listen to MIYAVI’s music, visit MIYAVI’s YouTube Page here.


With “No Sleep Till Tokyo” playing on my phone now, I suppose till next time, or “Till Tokyo” guys, 😉


PS. Also I might have gotten the chance to meet him and he was great, just saying. 😉 Super nostalgic for past concert experiences – glad I got the opportunity to do so. ^_^