By: Skywing Knights

Hello everyone!

Been soooo busy lately! But I was very happy to get the chance to go to the Maryland Renaissance Festival 2019 last weekend with friends. Anna from “Frozen” is my go to for these events – since her dress doesn’t drag on the ground and it was so much fun!

Pulling an Elsa type expression here, haha. ^^;

We saw jousting, sword fights, juggling, and all kinds of wonderful costumes! Food was great, lots of shopping and shows, overall, just a really great time to be had!

Maryland Renaissance Festival

This was my first time at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and I loved being able to go in such a big group.

I also loved being able to meet so many kids and be a Disney Princess for them. They were all so sweet as were their parents. There’s something very special about being able to bring to life a beloved character for children. Their eyes just dance and light up and they get so excited – it makes me very happy to be able to do that for them (not to mention it gives me great confidence – I’m always so nervous when I use my real hair for cosplays!).

Probably the nicest compliment that I got while there though was from two parents, who said that I could do parties as Anna. It was such a sweet thing to say – it’s not something I’ve thought of before, but I’d be happy to do so to bring more joy to other kids out there.

Tired, but happy at the end of the day.

In any case, the festival was tons and tons of fun and such a great time. I highly recommend this event to everyone.

Till next time guys! Love you all,