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I’m super excited to announce that recently I appeared as a guest writer on the Japan Living and Lifestyle blog run by the lovely Urano family. What did I write on? Well of course, one of my favorite places on earth: Ikebukuro (池袋)! More specifically though, I discussed some of my favorite places to get great sweets and treats in and around the Sunshine Street and City areas. Be sure to visit the blog to find a map of all the yummy places you can go to while there!


5 Best Desserts in Ikebukuro


And, for a little addition, I thought I’d share here a little more on my favorite place in Ikebukuro for sweet things: Milky Way, a little restaurant on the second floor on the right side of Sunshine Doori or Street (サンシャイン通り) right as you enter the area from Ikebukuro Station (池袋駅). Anime fans will recognize the location from the hit show “Durarara!!” (“デュラララ!!”)! (Learn more about other spots to hit up while in Tokyo (東京) if you’re an anime fan here: “Tokyo: Top 10 Places for the Anime Fan”!)

Honestly though, the real reason I fell in love with this place was because of its iconic desserts! While Milky Way does have a few entrees available for lunch and dinner, what this place is really known for are their drinks and parfaits, the latter of which are all cleverly themed and based off of astrology signs.

While the biggest and most showy one I’ve had so far has been the Virgo, the last time I was there, I got the Sagittarius – because I have to try my own sign at some point, right? And oh my gosh, it was so fun! The thing was bubbling and had smoke steaming out from under the bowl via dry ice – way cool!

Not to mention, it had a slice of cake on top of it and who can complain about that?! I also love the theming in this restaurant. The interior is blue and covered in white lights and stars. At night, it’s really fun as the inside makes you feel like there are stars everywhere and you can watch the hustle and bustle of people crossing the street and the multitude of lights below.

In short, this is definitely one of my favorite places in Ikebukuro and a great way to celebrate the end of your time in this section of Tokyo (東京). Be sure to get there early though – this one is a hot spot! But this is just one of many places I enjoy going in Ikebukuro for sweet things. To see more fun places in Ikebukuro where you can get delicious treats, head on over to the Japan Living and Lifestyle blog for even more sugary goodness! (And also, congratulate the Urano family – they just had a beautiful baby girl! Super adorable!!)

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