Hello my loves,

As Easter is upon us, I wish to express to you all some Easter Thoughts on why I rely on Christ in my life. Today’s society often shuns religion, I feel. It is as though it is looked down upon in some way as rigid, strict, unaccepting or unforgiving. However, religion for me, more specifically, faith in Jesus Christ, has been about the most liberating force ever in my life. Many people have asked me how this is possible.

Very simply, Jesus Christ, His Gospel, His Atonement, and the knowledge of these things give me peace and security. Through His Gospel, I understand the purpose of our mortal journey. It is to become like Him, a better, kinder person, and return to a loving Heavenly Father. His Atonement comforts me, knowing that in my weakness, He is there for me. He allows me to be free from the sorrowful burdens of my sins (my mistakes) as well as allowing me to know that someone else truly does know what I am going through and will support me as I do so.

Having a firm understanding of Jesus Christ, His Ministry, His Gospel, His Atonement, and the purpose of His life – what He wants for you and me, is the beginning of peace. It makes a hectic life understandable, hardships bearable, and joyous times things in which we can truly experience what God desires us to.

But further than the simpleness of how He is there for me, His Atonement, is for EVERYONE. It allows all of us to reunite with those we love on the other side of the veil of death and allows family bonds to last beyond the grave through eternal family sealings. How beautiful and wonderful it is that Christ performed the Atonement and suffered for our sins so that the cornerstones of not only society, but of Godlike love – the family unit could be preserved forever.

Easter Thoughts

Because He lives, I will see my family members of the past again. And because He lives, I know I can become a better person and move past my shortcomings and follies. Because He lives, I can learn what it means to have a more perfect love for those around me. I have said it many times before, I am far from perfect, but that is exactly why I love Christ. Because He is perfect and loves us all infinitely. He is my Savior and Redeemer. He is the one I rely on above all other things when life seems unbearable during trying times.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints puts forth beautiful messages which I wish to echo today during this writing of my Easter Thoughts.


He Lives – and because He lives, we shall live again.



Because of Him, second chances are possible.



Hallelujah for the glorious work performed by Jesus Christ.


For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”

Corinthians 15:22

Final Easter Thoughts

This Easter Season, I encourage all who are burdened with challenges in life, who wish to know the purpose of why we’re here at this time in the history of the world and universe, and those who are in need of help, of love – to learn more about Christ.

Through the Bible and the Book of Mormon, I know that He lives, loves us, and wants nothing more than to bring us back to a loving home. He stands at the door knocking, waiting for us to invite Him in.

President and Prophet Russell M Nelson has said:

“My dear brothers and sisters, we live in a most difficult dispensation. Challenges, controversies, and complexities swirl around us. These turbulent times were foreseen by the Savior. He warned us that in our day the adversary would stir up anger in the hearts of men and lead them astray.1 Yet our Heavenly Father never intended that we would deal with the maze of personal problems and social issues on our own.

God so loved the world that He sent His Only Begotten Son to help us. And His Son, Jesus Christ, gave His life for us. All so that we could have access to godly power—power sufficient to deal with the burdens, obstacles, and temptations of our day.

Under the Father’s great eternal plan, it is the Savior who suffered. It is the Savior who broke the bands of death.i It is the Savior who paid the price for our sins and transgressions and blots them out on condition of our repentance. It is the Savior who delivers us from physical and spiritual death.” (Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives)

That same message is my Easter Thoughts and Testimony. I write these things in the name of my Redeemer, my Savior, my Elder Brother, and my Friend, Jesus the Christ. Amen.


Remember you are greatest,
When you walk with God,
When His light is in your eyes,
You are truly strong,
You don’t have to prove your beauty,
In the eyes of men,
You are divine within,
You were sent here to become like Him”

-“To Become Like Him” by Jenny Phillips