Hello fellow witches, wizards and ghouls!

Very quick little note to wish you all a Happy Halloween 2019! I hope you are all able to experience and enjoy this fun holiday with good friends and sweet things (and maybe a few surprising tricks too!). Dress up a little crazy, be someone else for a few hours, and remember that life can indeed be fun too.

For my part, I’ve been extremely busy – dressing up multiple times for multiple events and parties! Honestly, who doesn’t love a good Halloween party? As you can tell though, today I’m going with a classic favorite – Shizuka Hio. However, earlier I went as Elizabeth from REVO’s Märchen. I don’t normally drag her out because she’s difficult to clean, but I’d say the fun was worth it. Do any of you have any costumes that you love but are a challenge to maintain? Let me know if you do in comments below! Would love to know any of your tricks on easily maintaining your costumes. Thankfully, Shizuka just requires a lot of ironing! 😉

Be safe all, and I look forward to finishing out the year with a few more great holidays and of course, with you! <3

Happy Halloween 2019
Happy Halloween! ^_^

Once again, Happy Halloween 2019! Much love,