Happy Halloween everyone!

The end of the year is coming, are you ready yet? Haha, I don’t know, I always feel that Halloween is the beginning of all the crazy that the end of the year brings. But at the same time, I find it to be an exciting start to all the crazy!

My roomie and I have been hard at work trying to get ready for Halloween this year. We’re particularly excited because since we’ve moved, we’re in a nice little family neighborhood now. So for once, we will get to see trick ‘r’ treaters having a very happy Halloween! So so cute!!!

Not only do we get to see all the kids in costumes though, I also now have many opportunities to decorate outside! That’s always a bit of a bummer when you live in an apartment. There’s only so much you can do to make a door ‘scary’. But now, the sky’s the limit. That and my fear of climbing unstable ladders (don’t ask). Skeletons climbing out of graves, ghosts floating in the wind. I can’t wait!

Cindy Halloween PrepI’ve also been hard at work on my newest version of Cinderella, her maid attire from Disney’s 1950’s animated classic. I ended up wearing it to some parties and it did well, but I want to make some adjustments to it. I’d like to add some snaps to keep the shirt in place under the corset for instance and I’d like to fix up the bangs and hair a bit. If I can go back to NYC for fabric, I might end up doing something more to her skirt since I don’t know if I like the length. (It might be too short.)

Cinderella Progress for HalloweenI don’t know, have you ever been in that kind of rut with a costume? Where it works, it’s fine, but it’s not up to your standard or there’s something off about it to you? That’s where I feel I’m at with this one. Still, I’m glad it worked for the parties. The good thing about Halloween for me is that it can act like a test run for my cosplays. So I can figure out what needs improvement while there. And at the same time, no one will know exactly ‘what’ needs improvement but me at the party. And of course, it’s still very fun!

Sppoky Halloween Decor!
Ready for Halloween?

But of course, I think the most fun part for me this year is that I have a little one now that I can dress up for Halloween. My little Golden Doodle Sadie! I debated back and forth for awhile on what she should be. At one point, I thought of making her a Silkie costume from Teen Titans. However, I really just don’t have the time… so instead, I’ve decided on dressing her up as Supergirl (Superdog!). Why? Because I loved the skirt on her and she’s my personal Supergirl. <3

I think she pulls it off in a ‘super’ manner, don’t you? Do you have pets too? If so, do you ever dress them up? What are they going to be this year?

I have no idea what she’ll be next year. She’ll be big, so I’d have to make her something! But that said, I don’t know what Halloween will look like for me in 2022. This year, I was supposed to be in Japan, just like I was in 2020. But… Le sigh. Regardless of that disappointment though, I do think 2021 has been significantly better than 2020. Things are indeed getting better.

Maid Cinderella Cosplay SelfieIn the meantime, I’ll continue to be here. Sewing, crafting, writing, taking pictures, the whole kit and kaboodle. That said, I hope you all have an awesome and very Happy Halloween this year!

Much love and Happy Halloween!