“It’s better not to go digging for a deeper meaning in a name. You’ll end up missing more than you observe.”

-Asuna Yuuki

A new costume stat page is up!!

For the month of July 2020 (a few days late, sorry!), we have a fun version of Asuna Yuuki, from “Sword Art Online“! This time, we have the Asuna Yuuki Casual Chef or Cooking version (don’t underestimate the power of that butter knife!).

This was a really sweet costume to make and I liked being able to do something that was a change of pace from my normal more action-oriented outfits, such as her SAO outfit and her Undine outfit. I also liked stretching myself a bit in order to adjust her outfit to be a bit more modest and something I could wear. Plus lace! Sooooo much lace! And texture. In short, I loved working with all of the materials I did to get the result you see here.  ^_^

Anyway, hope you like it!!

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All stat pages are also accessible through each costume’s respective image on the Costume Gallery Pages. As always, more to come soon! Until then, enjoy the Asuna Yuuki Casual Chef Stat Page!