By: Skywing Knights

Happy Halloween!

A bit delayed, I know, but I still wanted to wish everyone on here a very Happy Halloween 2020! As my Twitter followers may know, I had a very hard time deciding on what to wear! Though I polled my followers and they agreed that Starfire was the pick… I had a little sister who said Anna was best, so I went as Anna from Disney’s “Frozen” (Check out one of my recent photoshoots as Anna here!) 😀 (Sorry about that, but I mean, how can you say no to your little sisters?)

I met up with some friends at the Lincoln Memorial earlier in the day (a nice, socially-distanced gathering!), so here’s a quick share of the “diplomat” Anna and a time traveling doctor (aka my amazing roomie!).

(Who knew Anna and the Doctor were that tight?) 😉

And as a bonus! One super sweet thing happened while I was out on the mall with friends – we had a little girl who wanted to, well, meet Anna! (A repeat of my experience at the Maryland Renaissance Festival last year!) So I quickly donned a mask so the two of us could talk– She was such a doll! So super sweet and her mom was so kind. Here are a couple shots of that moment one of my friends took!

She was a little shy to meet “Anna”, but she was also a total sweetheart!!

After wandering around the mall, I visited my parents’ place to take the younger kids in my family trick-or-treating. I was rewarded with being mandated to carry a giant Olaf doll around the entire time we went around the neighborhood by my youngest sister. I didn’t mind though because it was a great source of warmth with wonderful warm hugs! ^_^

Halloween, though it’s often associated with the spooky and scary, I think is a great holiday. Not because of the costumes and candy (though I mean, who can turn down costumes and candy?), but because it lets our imaginations roam freely for a day.

So I hope despite any safety measures put in place, that you were able to have a fun Halloween this year. If not, there’s still time! Go out in costume anyway, go to a corn maze maybe, or just go out to get cinnamon sugar donuts and apple cider (I did those last two earlier in October and can vouch for their awesomeness and the fact that you can do those in a socially-distanced manner!). You all deserve a little fun after this long year. 😉 Anyway, till next year’s spooky adventure, stay safe guys and remember to let yourselves have some fun when you can!

Happy Halloween 2020Much love and Happy Halloween 2020!