New Website!

Hello my loves! A few of you may have noticed that last week, was a little glitchy. Not to worry though! was undergoing a process in order to update the whole website to optimize it for speed and now, the new website is live!

Now to be fair, I say ‘new’, but really, is the same website it’s always been. The links are the same, the structure is the same, the URL is still the same, and all the content is still here! So what’s changed for this ‘new website’? Speed, speed, and more speed!

I like to provide you all with the best looking website I can. But the dirty little secret about blogging and web design is that high quality images can take FOREVER to load! This tends to slow webpages down dramatically. With these updates, now can load all of these beautiful images and pages onto your computer faster and more smoothly, making for a more enjoyable experience every time you visit us! 🙂

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But that’s not all that’s new. Multitudes of life updates are happening for me, but I also have a bunch of new content that will be coming soon too!


New Website this Spring!

Life Updates:

Along with the updates to for the new website, I have many other ‘updates’ going on in my life as well. I’ll be moving this year into a new home – which means house hunting! And house hunting means… lots of time searching for said houses. As fun as that is, it’s also a big drain on my time (and my ability to write and blog! 🙁 ) So I appreciate any and all patience you may have with me during this time. But I expect it won’t effect my blogging too much – too many creative juices in me these days. 😉

Life though continues to return to normal slowly and steadily. I know several people in my life who have gotten the vaccine at least once and a few who are fully vaccinated – all very good things! Be sure to sign up if you can to get the vaccine and if you feel comfortable doing so. Even if you’re young and healthy and think you don’t need it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You also help those who are unable to get the vaccine stay safer too. The whole process is a great example as to how we can all help one another.

As far as my life, it’s going, haha. I’m glad spring is finally here (oh my gosh it was Nightwing’s Birthday guys, time to have cake to celebrate a fictional character’s birthday, lol 😉 !) In all seriousness though, it’s nice to go outside and not feel like I’m going to turn into an icicle. (No, I’m not always a vampire, I do like to go outside, I promise. But yes “the cold does both me anyway”, says the Anna Cosplayer).

Happy Birthday Nightwing!

I’ve also been to my doctor recently for a physical where I was able to get great advice for how I can better care for my body this year. I can’t stress how important it is to get a physical every year. I was so happy to get help regarding some pain I’ve been having, but also advice on how to help stimulate my mind and improve my mental health. 🙂 It’s so so important to take care of yourself. So do yourself a favor and make sure to visit your doctor when you should!

Hayan from Unholy Blood
Hayan from “Unholy Blood”, not me… I told you, I’m not a vampire! Haha. ^^;

In other news, in my spare time, when I haven’t been working to update and bring you this new website, I’ve taken to reading new Webtoons and watching various Youtube channels. Have any of you watched Bailey Sarian? Or read “Unholy Blood“? If not, check them out. They’re my newest binges and I love them. Like most of you I’m sure, I also need mental downtime where I can just relax a bit and unwind. These sorts of things help me do that. What helps you? 🙂


Defying Destiny

More Things To Come:

Of course though, not to worry loves, I DO have more coming for you down the pipe. I’ve been working on multiple chapters of ‘Defying Destiny‘. My apologies for the delays, for whatever reason, as I write this, I’m writing as inspiration hits for certain scenes. As a result, they’re not necessarily written in order, and it may take awhile for me to complete a whole section to make sure they’ve all been woven together correctly. But it is coming, I promise! I’ve actually had a lot of creative juice flowing, so I look forward to sharing the results with all of you!

Kyoto photos are FINALLYYYYY almost done too! They’ll be the first to enjoy the fresh and easy loading that you’ll all be able to experience with new pages on this new website! I expect to have them done…. some time in April or May, depending on cosplay progress distractions among other things. (Cough cough Final Fantasy VII Remake cough cough.) But with the album debut, I’ll also have many a new blog posts for you, so stay tuned!

Fun times during spring time!

As 2021 unfolds, I really can’t wait to share with you all so many things. Thank you all for your patience last week as the website glitched and sputtered, doing its best to get you the information you sought while undergoing a bit of a transformation. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of your patience and love and look forward to providing you with the best experience has to offer, along with new blogs just for you!

Till next time,