Hello lovelies!

So very quick, but I have a Life Update: I’m moving! I’ve had a job change, so I’m relocating to the East Coast, specifically the Washington, DC area! And I can’t wait!

Because of that though, I will have limited access to my computer at times. So updates might be a little spotty, but I promise, I’ll still be alive!

For those wondering about upcoming events on the East Coast, I know the soonest one to approach is Otakon, but I have doubts that I’ll be able to make it… gomen neeee. :/ It does mean though that I’ll likely be able to make it to a lot more East Coast based Events/Conventions as the fall months approach, so stay tuned! Perhaps Katsucon or AnimeUSA will be on the list. Will anyone else be going to those?

This also sadly means that I won’t be able to make it to the Michigan Renaissance Fair or Youmacon though (T.T). Perhaps one day I’ll be able to join you all again up in the Detroit area! Ultimately, I’m really looking forward to this move. I think it will be a good change for me and allow me to progress more in multiple areas of my life. At the same time, I think it will be a great chance to reunite with old friends!

Final note, I’ve started another new costume! I’m working with black fabric again~~ Can you guess who?

Thank you all for your understanding and being patient during this time. And that’s it for this life update on moving. Stay wonderful!