“I want to keep looking at you… your eyes, which are so full of hate… are mine and mine alone.”

-Shizuka Hio

A new costume stat page for the cold winter season!!

This time around, we’ve got a very broken, beautiful, “Pureblood” vampire – one of my favorite female antagonists of all time – Shizuka Hio from “Vampire Knight“!

I’ve done many versions of the protagonist Zero Kiryu, so portraying his antagonist was (and is) always a real treat. Over the years, she’s one costume that I’ve really loved refining, particularly in hair and make up. She’s acutely striking as a character and in my opinion, a beautiful portrayal of a Japanese-style vampire. Very muted tones, but stunning against a darker background.

I also think her whole arc is rather gripping, in a tragic sort of way. It goes to show how mistreatment can bread hatred and a twisted mentality. In a way, it contrasts nicely with Zero – who ironically is the victim of mistreatment from her, which in turn is also caused by the mistreatment she received. Where as Zero ultimately receives peace and healing in the form of his relationship with Yuki, Shizuka never actually receives love, save through Ichiru, from whom she rejects it.

I think another reason I like Shizuka is because in a weird way, she reminds me of Disney’s Maleficent – a scorned woman, who takes it out on all around her. Unlike in the live action Maleficent movie though, Shizuka never has a ‘redeemable’ moment. She just falls further and further into the darkness of the vampiric curse, a sad result, one in which you almost wish you could have helped her in some way… almost.

Anyway, for all of those reasons, I love cosplaying as Shizuka. Hope you like it! Enjoy!! ^_^

Shizuka Hio
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