“She’s not small… In my heart, her existence is not small.”

-Zero Kiryu

A perfect new costume stat page for the season!!

This time a darker, creepier cosplay of mine. This time for one of my favorite characters of all time, Zero Kiryu (Blood Bath Version) from “Vampire Knight“!

I’ve done many versions of Zero, but this was one of the most fun to shoot for sure. We found the right bathtub and then simply filled it with water and fake blood from our local Halloween shop. Then I sat in it and Tsukasa325 had to get me to pay attention because I was too entertained by the fact that I was sitting in a ‘bathtub of blood’. (I have a morbid sense of humor I guess). XD In any case, I loved how the photos came out. Super creepy, but also very much in line I thought with Zero’s character. Really want to cosplay as him again soon. (And hey if I get to do this “Zero Kiryu Blood Bath” version again, I’d be one happy cosplayer!)

Anyway, hope you check it out and enjoy it!! ^_^

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