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A cosplayer is only 50% of what is needed to create an excellent cosplay photo. The photographer, the person behind the camera, is the very important other 50%. Check out some of my favorite photographers below who you can contact for commission.






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Katsuya “T.K.” Weller


Nikon D3000 & D90, Sigma 30mm & 85mm Lens
Adobe Lightroom 4 & Adobe Photoshop CS6

Cosplay photography has been my specialty since 2009, even during college in achieving my Bachelors degree. As a result, I’ve always expressed such fascination with this field as it really provokes such creativity, appreciation for other creative fields, and the potential it holds. Therefore, my aspiration is to take it to the next level possible in delivering not just cosplay photography as a portraiture subcategory, but as its own stand-alone that is as beautifully expressive as any other while creating memories that lasts a lifetime.


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All photographers are artists I have worked with personally and have seen to have produced consistently high quality work. If a photographer is open for booking photoshoot sessions, this page will display a contact button near their profile. No photographer is obligated to undertake any photo session request. All photographers set their own individual rates and which conventions/events they will attend.

Any and all purchases are made between photographer and purchaser, without assistance through Hence, photographers and purchasers are to settle all disputes between themselves, not via SkywingKnights. Consequently, SkywingKnights is not liable for any faulty, damaged, poorly sized, late, missed unusable, blurry, or dysfunctional photographs by/photo sessions with photographers listed on this website.

Interested in becoming a recommended photographer? Please see the FAQ page for more information or reach out to us through the contact us page.


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