Hello lovelies~~ Let’s Explore the World!

Very quick post, but a gut instinct told me that this was to be the topic today. Essentially, the message is:


Get out there!

Get outside of your comfort zone!

Learn about the world and the people in it, first hand.

Be open.

See things in front of you, without a camera in between.

Life is full of many joys and so many of them come from exploring God’s magnificent creations. This world is so much more than your home, your office, your school, and the roadways to and from them (and yes, even that convention you’re attending in a month). It’s filled with billions of people. Different people. People who can teach you so many different things. How to care about others. How to fight for what you believe in. And how to grow into a better person. And you won’t find all of those different people in the same place. They’ll be in thousands of different places all over the world.

Go there. See those parts of the world. Meet people. Talk to people. Learn about what makes our world beautiful. You’ll be much better off for it, with a better understanding of the world and a more compassionate and respectful view of others.



So go out on your adventure and explore the world. Every day that I try to live my adventure and exploration, I find that life becomes a little better and I’m sure yours will be too.

Sincerely yours,