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We’re half way through the month of May, meaning it’s about time for our next featured artist! This time, I’m proud to spotlight actor and director, Tim Goodell. Tim is the head of StudioTen Productions. He’s also an artist I’ve gotten to know and personally see refine his art over the years. Graduating with a Major in Film back in the early 2010’s, when asked what got him interested in Film, Tim Goodell had this to say:

“Growing up I wasn’t much of a reader because I was more of a visual person. All of my fantasies, my thrills, my adventures and my heroes came from TV and movies. When era of the DVD came around, the special features on certain film discs gave me my first look behind the curtain at how these stories were actually brought to life.

The first time that I ever thought, “I want to be part of this” was watching the behind-the-scenes featurette for Simon West’s 2006 remake of “When a Stranger Calls”. Listening to the director, the lead actress and the set designer talk about how they made the house of the story into an actual character using shadows and sounds was mind-blowing to me and it proved to me that film – as a visual medium – could do something that no written or spoken word could replicate.”

“With film, you could build a visual world that compelled people to invest emotionally. And I wanted to build worlds.”

The thing is, film is no easy line of work. It isn’t uncommon for those in the film industry to get jobs that last a short while. Then they’re back on the job hunt shortly there after. But perhaps one of the great things that makes Tim Goodell unique is that when asked about challenges he’s faced, that’s not what he focuses on at all – instead, it’s his art!  He’s said:

“My biggest challenge is making my visual worlds believable. This comes down to three things – budgets (or lack thereof), my own writing ability, and my unsatisfiable need for perfection. I’ve never made a perfect film and I probably never will, but I’ve learned and grown from every project I’ve worked on, large or small, and that always makes the next project much stronger.”

And I think, as artists, we’ve all been there – wanting to make everything as best as we can. With every new project he works on, Tim Goodell takes the opportunity to grow. He uses what he’s learned to make things better. It probably helps that Tim readily takes on many hats in film production. In his quest to create a final product out of what might have once been a vague idea originally, he’ll take on anything from writing to editing. However, the two roles he’s most fond of seem to be that of acting and directing. These connect to his love of characters.

“I’m well-known in my circles for stepping into cameo or even starring roles in my own productions, but its not for fame or hubris; it’s because the more I write, the more I become attached to my characters and the more I want to be part of their story. I’m often jealous of actors and actresses – a screenwriter and a director can create a world, but only the actors can truly bring it to life…. I like to create relatable characters, be it in the genres of comedy, horror, drama, or action – the latter of which is the only genre I haven’t yet explored in full.

My ultimate goal is to create an emotional connection between the audience and the story, so I am somewhat agnostic to the genre of the work. Put simply, if I have what I believe is a good story to tell, I’ll tell it – in whatever genre best suits that story.”

And Tim Goodell definitely tells them! Three of Tim’s biggest ‘life changing’ projects have been “The Brothers Mathias”, his first full length feature film, “Soul Fray”, a supernatural thriller (currently available on Amazon Prime), and “UnExpecting”, his most recent project. Check them out below!


“The Brother’s Mathias”

“I don’t believe I’ve been able to replicate the emotional connection that I was able to build for people through that film. It had flaws, certainly. And we faced a number of unforeseen problems during production. But to think that 7-10 students could come together under one vision and create a story that made some audience members weep and others leap to their feet and cheer is just awe-inspiring to me.”


“Soul Fray”

“It took several years to really bring ‘Soul Fray’ to fruition but WE. DID. IT. Bringing in new faces through a genuine casting process and working all of my connections to create the best film that we could, we wrapped principal photography after 28 shooting days spread from the Fall of 2013 to Winter of 2014, with editing and marketing to consume the full year of 2015.”

“I’ll never recoup the personal investment of more than $12,000 dollars that I made on that film. But looking at everything that it has brought me – new job opportunities, new connections, new friends, new story concepts, new trades and skills and a whole new perspective on storytelling. I think that I made good on that investment in the end.”

Watch/Purchase “Soul Fray” on Amazon Here

Visit the Official Website for “Soul Fray” Here

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“Unexpecting” (Short Film) from StudioTEN Productions on Vimeo.

Short of the Brothers Mathias, I don’t think I’ve ever told a more relatable or more emotionally captivating story. And best of all, allowing someone else to try their hand at directing meant that I really got to push myself as an actor! It’s a really important story. It serves as both a cautionary tale for the “every man” and a reminder of what married life should really be about.”


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It’s at this point that I normally like to say a little about what makes each of the artists I feature here a little different from your run of the mill. It normally comes down to their attitudes as they approach their work. Unfortunately, I don’t think I say it better than what’s boiled down by Tim when asked what he’d tell others about working in film:

“Don’t give up. It’s harder than it looks. It’ll take a lot out of you, financially and emotionally. And in a world of critics you can expect to be kicked often for even your best efforts. But never give up. There is more to telling a great story than profits and critical applause. And at the end of the day, that should always be your mantra. No matter what happens, no matter how limited your resources or how hard the struggles…*tell your story*.”

Tim GoodellSo don’t forget, tell your story, guys. Every day, every moment, you can choose to shut down and keep walking. Or you can speak up and say something no one else has ever heard or seen. Because your voice is the one telling it. I’ve watched Tim Goodell grow since college years. It has NOT been easy for him to get where he is today. But Tim never let naysayers keep him down, no matter what they said. Why? Because it’s what he wants to do and that’s why he’s going to do it.

While Tim isn’t currently working on any major film projects at the moment, he is working on the biggest project of his life. That project? Preparing for the wedding of him to his girlfriend of seven years. (And guys, they are so friggin’ cute and sweet and perfect for each other, oh my gosh.) In the meantime though, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more of his work. You won’t regret it.

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Update 09/08/20:  One of Tim’s latest projects is one that I’m proud to be apart of: A photoshoot of Anna and Kristoff from Disney’s “Frozen”! Be sure to check it out here!