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I’m super excited to bring you for our next featured artist of the month, a very talented and fun (and super sweet) cosplayer – RaiinFaiiry! A cosplayer of 7 years, RaiinFaiiry has done a wide range of cosplays, from the super sweet Sakura from various CLAMP series to Jack Frost of “Rise of the Guardians”, and isn’t afraid to express herself through her cosplays.

RaiinFaiiry started cosplaying back in 2012, beginning to make her own cosplays in 2014 when she began to learn how to sew. When asked about her specialties in an interview, RaiinFaiiry said she wasn’t sure she had one – that she feels she’s constantly learning and hasn’t found a skill in particular that she considers one. But she certainly pushes herself in regards to the art as a whole through her learning.

“I like to pick things that incorporate skills I haven’t done yet. So that I can learn while also having fun,” she said, talking about her process of picking, choosing, and creating costumes,  “I do it at my friends house, cause they always push me to keep going. And generally they are working on something too, so it’s nice to just be around people.”

And that’s a common theme for RaiinFaiiry – she loves meeting people, getting to know them, and developing friendships – it’s the best part about her craft to her and it’s one of the things that really makes her a gem in the field – the value she places on individuals around her.

“The best thing about cosplay are the people. I have met some of my best friends through cosplay and now I have the honor of knowing them in everyday life. And I am so thankful for that,” she told me.

Not only is RaiinFaiiry a genuine gem of a friend, she’s genuine in her decisions when she cosplays too, sticking to her gut. When asked how she decided what characters to cosplay, she quickly answered, “That’s easy. If I like that character to be honest. I don’t do cosplays just because someone asks me to, I have to like the character. Once I know I like the character, then I pick an outfit if there’s that I find pretty [laughs].”

Check out some of RaiinFaiiry’s many beautiful cosplays below!




(this one above taken by your’s truly 😉 )


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Facebook Collab Page – Debatable Cosplay

(this one she does with me! ^_^ )


So why did I pick out RaiinFaiiry for this month? (Other than that she’s so much fun to collab with of course? 😉 ) I wanted to feature RaiinFaiiry because RaiinFaiiry knows that in order to enjoy your art, you need to do what your heart tells you to do.

Near the end of our interview, I asked her what advice she has for others who like to cosplay and her answer was spot on with this quality, “If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right. Cosplay is the combined word of ‘costume’ and ‘play’. Don’t just let the word costume consume you. Have fun, hang out with friends, meet new people. Enjoy it, and if or when you stop enjoying it, don’t force yourself [to continue].”

We all have a limited amount of time in our days. In that regard, our time on our art is limited too. So do what you want to do with that time. Don’t feel obligated to others who you don’t owe that time to. True friends will understand. Even if you don’t make a costume from the same series as another cosplaying friend, you can still see them and spend time with them and enjoy their company. RaiinFaiiry not only embodies this concept, she embodies strong loyalty and love for her friends as exemplified by many of the characters she so lovingly recreates.

Remember all that you’re loved too. Looking forward to bringing you the next featured artist on the blog! Until then, be safe and remember always how amazing you all are. <3

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