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I’ve got another make-up review for you today, this time a foundation called “COVER FX Total Cover Cream Foundation“. I use this as my base foundation for most of my cosplay make-up as it acts as both a foundation and concealer in one. It can be used as the ‘one and done’ foundation. However, I like to pair it with a mineral or powder foundation on top to give it a more natural looking finish.

Cover FX Total Cover Foundation

So what’s so great about this particular foundation?

  • Creates a clean ‘base’ color for my face. Freckles are both my blessing and curse. And they’re not something many characters have. I can easily cover my freckles with this (it is designed to cover tattoos, but I believe a heavier coat may be needed. My friend has attempted to use this to hide hers, but she needed a lot of it).
  • Minimal clumping after long wears.
  • Holds other powders on top nicely and gently, similar to how actual skin would but with a bit more of a hold.
  • Stays on even in the heat.
  • The color range is great. I have difficulty finding foundations that go as light as my own skin color. Thus I was both surprised and impressed that this one was suitable for my skin tone.

Any Shortcomings?

  • It’s heavy – I would NOT recommend this for daily use. After use for the day, I wash my skin thoroughly. (Not roughly though! It’s better to be gentle and patient with it).
  • It creates a shield layer – nothing gets in, but nothing gets out. On a hot day, your own swear skin will likely moisturize by your skin underneath. (That’s okay! It will likely still look good). On a cold day, your skin will be dry though, so use moisturizer!
  • It’s only semi-resistant to sweat. It will stay on, but may clump a bit more.

As you can see, there are some pretty important things to remember while using this make up. It is heavy and you need to take care of your skin before, during, and after wearing it. However, part of the cosplay process of creating a ‘clean’ face is having a solid base foundation. This allows you to have a “blank slate” to start with as you contour and apply your make up to give your face that fantasy like effect. This make up would likely work well in theater performances as well.

I purchase this from Sephora, my go to. But the foundation can also be purchased from Cover FX directly. While I’m not sure if Ulta has this particular foundation, they do have other foundations by Cover FX.

Happy cosplaying!

Cover FX – Buy COVER FX Total Cover Cream Foundation

Sephora – Buy COVER FX Total Cover Cream Foundation