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Chapter Thirty for “Defying Destiny” has been posted! Check it out through the link below!

Defying Destiny – Chapter Thirty – Read It Here

Summary: “Even if every piece of you disappeared and if it scattered everywhere; No, I won’t waver, I’ll start back at one and look for you all over again.” Six years later and the searches continue. One search, never acknowledged, and one that started with completing a puzzle eight years ago. But… can Yugi and Seto really defy destiny? Or will lives and hearts forever be shattered?

In This Chapter: Broken, shattered, discarded, her tears running down the drain along with the shower water. Though the water is hot, she feels cold, like her body could go numb and freeze. She wished it would. But unfortunately, all she can do is feel as her emotions swim in her mind. She just wished it would stop. But maybe, she deserved this. After all, she was in the wrong, wasn’t she? Meanwhile, in his room, a young prodigy finds memories from his past reconfirming what he always knew. He was never supposed to “be with” anybody. And this, this all just confirms it. But if that’s the case, it shouldn’t all hurt this much… should it?

“Defying Destiny” is a “Yu-Gi-Oh!” fan fiction written by Skywing Knights under the name Rena Redhead. The series along with all of its spin-offs belong to Kazuki Takahashi.

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